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Sypro supports Bramley Baths through digital onboarding

02 November 2023
2 minutes read

Serving the local area since 1904, Bramley Baths is a community-led, not-for-profit centre which is being supported into moving to a digital way of working through our Risk Manager software.


What does our onboarding process involve?

We are thrilled to be helping Bramley Baths move to paperless working. Currently all policies and risk assessments are in paper binders, so as part of our onboarding process we are supporting them with adding their documents to the system. This will also help them to have more control over the contractors that come on site, completing regular checks and tests.

Maintenance is also currently done on paper, however, all the staff are now using smart devices, so once implemented they will be able to complete checks throughout the day and take accountability for their role. There’s also various others digital copies, so condensing all of these into one place is going to be helpful and make the day-to-day much smoother.

We’re delighted to have them onboard and look forward to working closely with their team.


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