Our social value

Across our Group and within all services, we place social value at our core.

As well as providing social value software and consulting services to clients via Loop we also invest a lot of time and effort in our own operational impacts across our Group.


Supporting our
clients and suppliers

To help support our clients and suppliers with their understanding and reporting of social value, we offer Loop services in line with our other platforms. For example, all Pagabo procured projects are able to run simple social value reports completely free of charge.

To find out more about the social value services Loop can offer you, click through to visit their dedicated website.

Our Focus Areas

To help support our Group mission we’ve identified priority areas to drive our own social value. We feel it’s important that our stakeholders steer us on what those key areas are so we conduct materiality assessments across both our staff and clients to gather their inputs. This has helped us form five focus areas as the targets of our Group social value drive:

  • arrow-rightWorkforce Wellbeing
  • arrow-rightEquity, Diversity And Inclusion (EDI)
  • arrow-rightEthics And Governance
  • arrow-rightWorkforce Development
  • arrow-rightCarbon Footprint
Under each of these areas we have sets of prioritised initiatives, looking at both quick wins and longer-term developments. These have already resulted in the Group becoming Good Business Charter accredited and a certified Living Wage Employer.

Our governance structure

We have a social value governance structure in place which starts at the top.

Group board

Our Group board drives the strategy and social value is always on the agenda, with everyone involved in key decisions and discussions.

Social value

Our social value steering committee, formed of social value champions from each area of the Pagabo Group – ensuring representation from top to bottom.

In-house team

Our in-house team of social value experts, leading on this work and supporting the measurement and reporting.


How we measure and report

Measurement is key to better managing and maximising our social value. We have placed it at the heart of our social value approach.

The National Social Value Standard provides a broad, robust and accessible measurement framework to help drive greater social value, in the right way. It is the leading social value framework and monetises impacts using proxy financial values.

Find out more by visiting the National Social Value Standard website.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI):

The best of the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) frameworks.

We are working towards becoming a certified ‘B Corp’ and be independently assessed and audited against their standards. This is the highest standard a for-profit business can achieve in terms of their social value impacts – and fits with our ambitions as a Group.