Supporting the public sector

Because we work with the public sector, we feel it’s right that we give back to the public sector.

Since 2020, we’ve given back over £2m to public sector partners


The Education Alliance Trust ‘Be Well’ mental health programme

Funds shared with The Education Alliance have been dedicated towards delivering an integrated package of information, training and support developed in partnership with Humber NHS and Hull and East Yorkshire MIND over a four year period.

How Does It Work?


The programme will fund a planned series of sessions which will be held for students, assisting them to cope more easily with the challenges of everyday life, manage stress and build supportive relationships with their peers. Each secondary school will have support five days per week from Humber NHS Foundation Trust professionals, and one trained youth mental health first aider will be provided in each trust school for every 50 students.


The Be Well Programme will also provide access to a specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health practitioner working across trust schools, and will deliver a range of awareness services, including training sessions for staff and information sessions for parents and allowing parents and students online access to sources of support for mental health.

The last decade has seen an incredible culture shift, and with it comes new challenges. There is now a great deal of conversation around the pressures on young people and how we as a society can best support them.

This partnership with Pagabo Group is truly unique and will put in place and develop a culture of wellbeing with practical, accessible support both for young people in our schools, but also the people who are supporting them too. This extra funding has enabled us to set up this programme, bringing a level of expertise to our schools that isn’t currently standard across the board.

Jonny Uttley, CEO of the Education Alliance Trust