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Pagabo announces renewal of major Professional Services Framework

26 April 2023
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We have issued a prior information notice (PIN) for the renewal of one of our biggest construction frameworks, the Professional Services framework.

Valued at £750m, this will be the third iteration of the Professional Services Framework, which is one of our most popular and active offerings.

The new framework will take over from the current iteration when it expires in April 2024 and, like its predecessors, will run for four years.

We will be holding a webinar on 10 May, where interested bidders can find out more about the framework and Pagabo. Jason Stapley, Chief Procurement Officer at Pagabo, said: “The Professional Services Framework is a crucial part of our ecosystem, so it’s really fitting it will come to market around the time the business celebrates its 10th anniversary.

“Looking at the way this framework has grown over time really reflects the growth journey we have been on as a business. The current version of the framework is valued at £500m and has already delivered 826 procurements for clients across the UK – and we expect this to grow even further with the renewal.

“We know that responding to tenders on tight timescales can be a huge stress, so with our focus on how we can improve mental health and wellbeing in the industry we’ve examined how we can adapt our processes. With the tender period for this framework expected to fall across the school holidays, we have increased the tender period to 10 weeks to make sure bidding doesn’t interfere with people’s home lives or increase stress unnecessarily.”

As part an ongoing commitment to supporting SMEs and generating the maximum positive social impact from projects, a proportion of slots will be reserved for SMEs, which currently account for just over half of the suppliers on the framework. With the renewal, we aim to at least match the proportion of SMEs across all services, making sure that all clients have access to the best suppliers for each and every scheme.

Jason said: “SME inclusion goes a long way to ensuring the best social value for communities possible. We know that procurement needs to be social value led, placing the positive outcomes at the heart of the whole procurement process.

“That’s why client organisations and appointed suppliers are able to access Loop’s social value software for all schemes procured through our frameworks, making sure that this social value led approach is embedded every step along the way, accompanied by a tool that makes forecasting, monitoring and reporting as easy as possible.”

We will continue to manage this framework on behalf of The Education Alliance Trust, which remain as the contracting authority for the new framework agreement having held the same role on the current version.

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